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About us

Pol-Kres Edwood is a family owned company which specializes in oak processing. We were founded in 1999.

Nowadays we are one of the leading manufacturers of oak edge glued panels in Europe. Our main products are finger jointed and solid long lamella panels.

Our customers know us as a young, dynamically developing company. We are constantly investing in expansion of our facilities, the modernization of our technological lines and the continuous improvement of our production processes. This results in the raising of the standards of our products.

Our definite advantage is the ability to offer a complex production process, coupled with short, reliable delivery dates.

Development in human resources is a huge matter for us, we aim to take care of our natural environment and involve ourselves in the social responsibility in running business. The result being our own recipe for success, which is a high quality of product for a reasonable price.

We are constantly expanding our markets (we are already supplying 85% of European clients) and extending our range of products, which nowadays includes: kitchen worktops, stair components (treads, risers, posts, spindles, hand rails), furniture components (table tops and table legs, cut to size elements), curvilinear elements (chair legs, the sides of the bed) as well as oak pellets.

Our main customers are some of the leading distributors, producers of furniture and stair manufacturers in Europe. We also supply to the DIY warehouses and trade.

All of our round timber comes from Polish forests, where we are confident the correct forest management is applied.




Our key products are worktops, made from 100% solid wood, using finger jointing technology. Their main advantage is incredible strength - which is the reason they are used mainly in kitchens – places where the surface is heavily used and in risk of constantly changing conditions.
Our worktops are likely to be seen in houses across Scandinavia, throughout the United Kingdom, West and Central Europe, as well as in southern countries like Spain and Israel.
Going deeper into detail about our range. We produce: kitchen worktops, island tops, breakfast bars and upstands (timber pieces which smoothly & decoratively connect the worktop to the wall).
We have all sorts of wood species available – including oak, smoked/black oak, white ash, brown heart ash, thermo ash, European and American walnut, beech, maple.
We are able to meet new demands in wood species, nevertheless we are specialising in European oak. Our company being one of the biggest European suppliers in this kind of wood.

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We are offering a wide range of half finished products made from finger joints and solid long lamellas. Oak panels are widely used in furniture industry. We are supplying leading European furniture manufacturers in:

  • Table tops
  • Table legs
  • Chair backs, chair legs
  • Drawers
  • Furniture fronts

Our main advantage is high quality of products. We understand customers have specific needs. Our experience allows us to meet these needs throughout the whole production process. From the cutting of the logs, through to the drying of the wood in our own drying rooms, and on to the very important colour-matching & grading stages. We take the whole process very seriously and feel we can look after the most demanding customer requirements.

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To meet customer’s expectations and needs, we have expanded our production possibilities and can offer products produced using our 5 axis CNC Homag machine. We have highly trained, skilled and experienced operators. Working with many creative, young furniture and interior designers gives us opportunity to offer unusual and eye catching designs. Having an experience in profiling furniture components for leading European manufacturers, we are offering round table tops used in pubs and hotels, chopping boards, steak boards, unique stair components as well as advertising gadgets. We are constantly searching for new designs and creative people willing to co-operate with us in inventing eye drawing modern pieces made from solid wood.



We are producing high quality solid wood stair components. We can offer customers : stair treads, risers, posts, spindles, handrails, stringers. We are supplying the biggest stair manufacturer, as well as the leading distributors.



After getting a lot of sawdust from internal production, we decided that it would be a good idea to use it to make pellets. Our 6mm oak pellets are certified to DIN PLUS DIN CERTCO No 7A223 , which is the highest quality certification available on the market. We use sawdust only from our own internal production, giving us high quality pellets throughout the whole year. We do not get biomass from the external sources. We have our own laboratory, where samples are taken every 8 hours, to check the parameters – humidity, mechanical strength, water content, length and thickness. That gives us full control on the quality of our pellets. Ash contents after burning from our pellets is one of the lowest in Europe and works out to be – 0,27%.

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We are producing high quality edged timber, frisas, squares, door steps etc. in thicknesses: 20mm, 26mm, 32mm, 38mm and 50mm. These are all types of pre finished products, which are used on floors and in furniture/stair/unedged timber industry. Produced and available in full quality profiles, from QFA to QF4(x) – in freshly cut, kiln dried, hit and miss planed, four sides planed as customer wishes.



Our offer doesn’t limit to the defined standards. We are trying to be very flexible and looking to find and meet customer’s expectations, not only in furniture or stair components, but also in small elements which are as important – they give definition and character to any interior. Customer can find here – window sailings, door steps etc.

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Office / Glued panels production plant:
ul. Łomaska 86
21-500 Biała Podlaska

Phone: +48 (83) 342 36 06
Phone: +48 (83) 342 40 11
Fax: +48 (83) 342 46 66

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